Since entering  web universe in 2004, KoKo is firmly ensconced himself as a International celebrity. He receives correspondence from all rounded corners of the globe and outside of the USA, KoKo’s most enthusiastic followers seek him out from Japan.

We’re often asked the story behind KoKo’s inspiration and character development. As much as we would like to detail a painstaking process it was in fact quite the opposite. Concept, design and electronically formatting were achieved inside of  of a week’s time.

Matt Ives, KoKo’s creator, recounts, “Upon hearing close-friend Don Kelley characterize a fellow Windley Key resident as a “Mangrove Monkey”, KoKo’s churlish grin was seared into my brain almost instantaneously.” Later that evening, while enjoying another lengendary  balmy Islamorada breeze, I penciled-out KoKo on the back of a beer coaster. In under three day’s time, I had our world-famous smilin’ monkey web-ready.”

KoKo Surfs Blue Lifesaver
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