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Custom Boardshorts

We individually hand-craft our Custom Boardshorts in the USA. The Mangrove Monkey brand has established itself as America’s standard in made to order couture. Our repeat clientele is a testament that our quality and attention to detail remains unwavering.


To determine your desired Outseam length, measure a pair of boardshorts from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the leg-opening as shown.

Mangrove Monkey Outseam Sizing

To determine your desired Waist size, wrap a tape measure around the point on your hips were you want the shorts to hang.

 Mangrove Monkey Waist Sizing


To determine your desired Inseam size, measure the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.

Mangrove Monkey Inseam Measurement

Design Tool

Our easy to use Design Tool makes conceptualizing your Custom Boardshorts an enjoyable experience. Mangrove Monkey clients can select from a wide array of solid and patterned fabrics to quickly put together several colorway options to choose from.

Custom Fabric Printing

Mangrove Monkey is excited to announce that, after numerous requests to do so,  we are now offering Custom Fabric Screen Printing. It wasn’t so long ago that Custom Fabric Printing required a minimum order of a “Bolt” of fabric which in some cases implied an order of 100 yards. Because of an affordable dye-sublimation process and an exhaustive search for a reliable Supplier, we are now able to offer a 2-yard minimums to make your unique concept a reality.

Long Boardshort

The Long Boardshort is a popular feature offered at Mangrove Monkey. The Long Boardshort is measured from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the leg opening. Long Boardshorts are also referred to as Baggies, Jams and Extended Outseams.

Additional Specifications

An “Additional Specifications” input field is available on all Custom pages.  Specific Leg Openings, Inseam Lengths, Contrast Stitching and Additional Pockets are all requests we routinely accommodate. Mangrove Monkey has yet to turn down any reasonable request.

Turnaround Times

Typical turnaround time for customs is 7 to 10 days before shipping, but we are able to accommodate tighter timelines in some cases. Our standard shipping method is USPS Priority Mail, but will accommodate most any carrier. Mangrove Monkey also ships to nearly all International locations.

Custom Ordering

For those wishing to bypass the website to place an order, simply contact us providing us your specifications and we’ll send an invoice to your e-mail address.

Call or Text

Please call or text with any questions you may have.

Cell:  (239) 776-5466

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