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In 2004 Mangrove Monkey swung into the fray of the e-commerce with the intent of satisfying what we viewed as a growing demand quality boardshorts made in the USA. We began working with a few stateside suppliers in developing our private label, but soon became disenchanted with minimums, turnaround times and an increasing number of limitations placed upon us. It was clearly time for a change and sought out a pattern maker as the first step in achieving a certain level of autonomy in the crafting of our product.

In 2007 Mangrove Monkey pulled-up its Oregon roots and relocated to Naples, Florida with the idea that it would continue forging “off-the-shelf” or inventory boardshorts, but that all changed with a serendipitous phone call shortly after arriving in The Sunshine State. It was client asking for a pair of tailor-made boardshorts with the fabric to be provided. A light went on about the same time we agreed to our first custom order and immediately began making plans to retrofit www.mangrovemonkey.com accordingly. Good fortune soon had us collaborating with a talented L.A.-based developer who instituted the drag and drop feature for our real-time design tool that has played an crucial role in providing visitors to the site both an efficient and enjoyable experience.

The internal debate over the paid vs. organic web search results didn’t last long and it was decided to instead build our bona fides upon unsolicited word of mouth referrals. Self-imposed timelines are of little consequence when you’re setting sights on being recognized as the industries standard in surf-culture couture. The years intervening have blessed us with a coveted loyal following. Our small but tight-knit shop takes great satisfaction in the knowledge that nearly half of our creations are crafted at the pleasure of repeat clientele.

Veterans, pro athletes, celebrities, soccer-moms, made in USA enthusiasts, college students, blue-collar worker and likely scoundrel make-up our ever-burgeoning cross-section of the Mangrove Monkey devotee. All are approached with same level of discernment, discretion and attention to detail to ensure a result that meets and exceeds expectations. We’re always looking to improve our product and practices and your invaluable feedback helps us do just that.

Matt Ives
(239) 776-5466